From Tee to Green, and Everything Between...

Fuel your play with birdiebites

Packed with clean, simple ingredients, birdiebites™ keep you focused on your targets and energized to shoot for them!

Gluten Free

We know gluten isn't for everyone, so we kept it out of our birdiebites™.

Packed With All 4 MCTs

MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) fuel body and brain. We packed birdiebites™ with all 4 types of MCTs (C6 ,C8, C10, and C12) to keep you fueled and focused!


Planet Earth has been good to us, and this is our way of saying "Thanks!"

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Not just for the green stuff...

Pack and play...

Our kind of sandy lie...

Perfect pairing...

What People Are Saying...

I just got into golf and birdiebites™ kept me focused through my first 18-holes!

Julia D.

birdiebites™ taste great with my coffee. They keep me going until lunch!

Holly S.

birdiebites™ powered me through a 5K this morning!

Crystal H.

I'm blown away by the taste and texture of birdiebites™! They are the perfect grab and go for the course!

Stuart D.

A great gift idea for the golfer that has everything!

Steve P.